Our History


  • 2015

    June, 22 Quality Policies

    Quality Policies

    Our vision is to achieve and maintain the highest level of professionalism and efficiency in order to become an integral part of our clients business.

    Our mission is to provide continuous high value services to our clients through alignment of our services to their needs, by making the client our focal point and a creative and innovative approach to our business. We do it as a team through constant improvement of efficiency and in partnership with our international players who share our values, goals, and vision.

    We at Acceler Global Logistics Ltd employ the highest level of professionalism and efficiency in providing quality services. We are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems by offering first class and personalized services.

    The following are the key pillars that describe our brand values:

    • Responsiveness

    Our clients want details and facts quickly. They are not willing to wait around for us to consult before responding – the sooner they get the information they need, the better. We are responsive to them by listening to their current and changing needs and we provide customized solutions as the need arises. We are empathic and they can sense that we have both their individual and corporate interests at heart.

    • Efficiency

    We believe in doing our work without wasting materials, time, or energy. Our process is efficient and our results are effective. We are the best in what we do, and our clients love us because we consistently achieve our standard benchmarks for delivery on time most of the time.

    • Determination

    We take initiative – we chose to be actors transforming the world rather than bystanders, watching the world go by. Our clients find satisfaction in dealing with us because they sense that we go beyond the call of duty to deliver on our commitments. We are accessible to our clients, day and night and for us, nothing is too much with regard to our clients’ requirements.

    • Integrity

    Integrity goes beyond just speaking the truth to include the genuine, sincere presentation of ourselves to our clients. Integrity is the internal sense that we are ethical and moral. Our clients experience our integrity in how we personalize our services, our empathy and how we conduct ourselves in every situation and how we keep our word.

    • Expertise

    Our people are technically the most skilled practitioners in the industry, with the intellectual capacity to deliver a sound professional service. We are only able to deliver a great service to our clients if we ourselves display real understanding and experience in execution of the process from training and intellect. We are clear that the service we render accelerates the growth of our clients’ businesses.

  • 2012

    June, 22 Awards, Certifications, Achievements and Associations

    We have achieved the following awards, certifications, achievements and associations of competence:

    1. Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Green Channel (Kenya & East Africa Region) – Under this programme, the AEO members are given priority by Customs and other government agencies and the clearing period is greatly reduced.

    We facilitate for our clients to be accredited into the AEO programme to become Green Channel members, giving them and Acceler the following benefits:

    • Preferential treatment:
    • Green channelling for direct release of cargo (AEO importer + AEO clearing agent = green channel or direct release)
    • Priority in dealing with AEO customs transactions
    • Self assessment of taxes to save time
    • Simplification of Customs procedures by reducing the clearing lead times of the following:
      • Mode of transport: Sea – Air – Road
      • Type of transactions: Imports – Exports – Warehousing

    Important Note:

    Having pioneered the AEO programme, we have mastered the intricate benefits of the AEO programme to enable our clients to reduce on logistics lead times and landed cost of goods.


    Being an AEO certified agent both in Kenya and in East Africa region, we leverage on this accreditation to guarantee our clients of our superior service quality that enables us to sustain the delivery of the promise on reduced service offering lead times.

    With our standing under the AEO programme, we envisage the following benefits accruing to our clients:

    • Enhanced relationship between our clients and Customs.
    • Reduced cargo dwell time in the ports of exit.
    • Benchmarking with WCO’s global best practices.
    • Getting preferential treatment from Customs.
    • Enhanced corporate citizenship standing through compliance and legitimate trade facilitation.
    • Enhanced security of cargo, payment of right taxes and proper documentation.


    1. ISO 9001:2015 – We are ISO 9001:2015 certified which is a Quality Management System certification by Bureau Veritas. All our processes are driven by customer expectations.


    1. Distinguished Taxpayer’s Award – We have received this award for several years, issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority. Acceler merited this special accolade as a key player in the Freight Logistics Industry because of providing remarkable logistical and technical support to Kenya Revenue Authority by rationalizing revenue collection while enhancing service delivery to our clients.


    1. Customs Transit Shed at JKIA – Africa Flight Services Ltd (AFS):

    In an effort to offer our customers a one-stop logistics solution, we have our own Customs Transit Shed – Africa Flight Services Ltd at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi. The purpose of going this extra mile was specifically to ensure that we give our clients complete supply-chain management solutions through our Transit Shed, which offers the following benefits to our clients to save on importation costs in the following ways:

    • Offer timely advice of cargo on arrival to enable clients to provide complete set of documents;
    • Value added services – through helping our clients to save on unplanned storage charges e.g. by extending the working hours for assessment and release of cargo with Customs;
    • Offer early processing of Customs entries upon receipt of goods in our transit shed as we are accessible to the release orders on arrival of the flights;
    • Provide adequate security of cargo, thus minimizing incidences of pilferage and damage;
    • Ability to secure release of client’s cargo when customs systems break down but upon payment of Customs taxes;
    • Faster Customs clearance from 2hours to one day clearance depending on circumstances. Overnight and over the weekend clearance can be arranged through our in-house customs office;
    • Full security control of cargo from origin through our main airline partner (Emirates SkyCargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Saudi Airline, Astral Aviation and China Southern Airline) to whom we are their ground handling agent (GHA) through our Transit Shed.


    1. Accreditation – We are registered and accredited members of the following professional organizations that control and regulate the freight industry:
    2. International Air Transport Association (IATA)
    3. The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA)
    4. Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)
    5. Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA)
    6. Kenya Transport Association (KTA)
    7. Shippers Council of East Africa (SCEA)
    8. UN Global Compact
    9. Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)
  • 2010

    June, 22 New Developments

    • Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) model:

    We have been implementing for our clients a unique LLP model to provide our clients with tailor-made services to enhance the logistics management process, with emphasis on simplifying the supply chain complexity, reducing inventory and logistics costs, while maximizing service levels. We try to replicate the same model to our clients to achieve:

    • Increased responsiveness by reducing lead times and ensuring product availability;
    • Reduced export costs through better management of processes, reduction of demurrage costs by ensuring complete and accurate documentation at origin;
    • Reduced inbound logistics costs by reducing the need for emergency ordering;
    • Improved service levels and traceability of cargo;
    • Reduced transport, warehousing, management and supplier related costs;
    • Reduced inventory levels;
    • Best practice sharing and continuous improvement;
    • Flexibility and adaptability to change;
    • Reduction in overall operating costs, in distribution, transport, and staffing;
    • Reduction in working capital because inventory is reduced and order cycles are shortened;
    • Value optimization as supply chain network becomes more flexible and hence higher asset and resource utilization;
    • Enhanced product quality, availability and customer service performance, increased profitability and greater shareholder value.


    We flexibly support our clients by continuously reviewing and adopting contemporary practises in the management of the freight logistics.

  • 2000

    June, 22 Our ‘Client’ Organization Structure

    For success, we believe our team must have a good understanding of the needs of our clients’ operations, as well as wide exposure to controls and financial management.

    Our team works collaboratively and closely with clients’ staff to deliver value-added services, and the two teams blend well and gain useful technical skills with appropriate level of logistics industry experience to ably handle clients’ logistics requirements.

    Our client Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Manager has overall responsibility for the quality of service delivery throughout every step of this engagement. She/he is available and may be contacted by the client at any time and on any issues (small or strategic).

    All our projects go through a standard management process designed to ensure control effectiveness, superior customer-service and quality management. The SBU Manager oversees Quality Service Assurance of the entire supply chain.

    Strategic Business Unit for Clients

    Our organization structure mirrors the integrated business services between us and our clients. We set up a strategic business unit to effectively coordinate and manage clients’ operations. This integration is at all levels.

  • 1995

    April, 22 Our Strategy

    We understand the complexities of supply chain management and we are well placed to commit the necessary resources and effort needed to help clients achieve desired goals. We are confident that our organization presents:

    • The Right People and Skill-set

    A team of experienced strategic planning, logistics, warehousing and transport specialists who bring to the table real-world management experience.

    • The Right Freight Logistics Company

    A world-class logistics firm with extensive experience in the logistics industry and serving corporate clients of different sizes in many industries/sectors.

    • The Right Methodology

    A collaborative, results-oriented approach that focuses on accountability, efficiency and effectiveness, tailoring best practice, tools and technologies to meet the client’s unique requirements.

    Our commitment is to provide clients with quality service at a fee that we believe is fair and reasonable. This enables Acceler and our clients to achieve an optimal balance between cost-effectiveness and service-level satisfaction.