Corporate Governance


Acceler Global Logistics Ltd is an organization that has a very high level of corporate governance which is demonstrated through good corporate citizenship in environmental awareness, ethical behavior and sound corporate governance practices.

We are members of the UN Global Compact Network which promotes sustainable growth and citizenship through committed corporate leadership. We support the principles of the Global Compact with respect to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

The following are key principles that form part of our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations:

  1. We respect the human rights and dignity of all employees and do not tolerate unfair discrimination or favoritism. We comply with labor laws and related regulations, safety  and health policies and standards of decent work.
  2. We respect our shareholders and other potential investors for financing our organization, thus creating employment in the nation. We comply with the principles of good governance that inspire investor confidence.
  3. We respect our customers and clients, do not mislead or exploit them, and value their feedback. We comply with consumer protection laws, refrain from anti-competitive  practice, and ensure that our products and services meet health and safety standards.
  4. Our interaction with our business partners is based on mutual respect and therefore, we engage in win-win relationships. We comply with all contractual and legal obligations agreed with our business partners that can harm our relationship[s with our business partners.
  5. We respect the people and social and cultural norms of the communities in which we operate. We comply with the ethical norm of the society from whom we earn our license to operate.
  6. We respect the elected government, the rule of law, and all organs of the state. We comply with all laws and regulations of our country, and we pay our taxes.
  7. We treat our natural environment and biodiversity with respect. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and implement environmentally sustainable practices.

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